Increase your sales success

Increasing your sales success with your customer...... Is it a difficult or a dynamic process? Every entrepreneur or salesperson is constantly working on increasing his or her sales success. An extremely important aspect of this is to optimise your relationship with your distributors.

We developed a method by which your market share structurally increases with your distributor.

Not by ad hoc measures, but with a well thought out and carefully planned approach with your distributor. Sales Process Coach has developed the unique D.R.I.C. method (Distributor Relationship Improvement Coaching). D.R.I.C. is based on years of international experience in coaching and training sales activities and skills.

We put a unique training and coaching in order to increase the skills of your sales team and your distributor.

At the base lies a thorough analysis of the way your sales team handles with all aspects that affect your sales activities. From that a plan is drawn up specifically for your situation. On this basis, we will work with you to deploy a unique training and coaching to enhance the skills of your sales team and the sales team of your dealership. Together, we achieve an increasing performance of existing sales skills.

Important is a relaxed atmosphere, where barriers and bottlenecks are not seen as threats but as challenges!

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