The D.R.I.C. method

Distributor Relationship Improvement Coaching

It enables your distributors to gain more control over their partners and customers and therefore strengthen their market position. For you, this means a permanently higher share of revenue from your distributors. This is established by a thorough analysis of the way your sales team performance in the marketplace. It covers all aspects that affect your sales activities. In addition to the sales department, we also cover other departments which are important in your contact with your customers. We work with you to draw up an action plan specifically for your organisation. Based on this, we then work with you to implement a customised training and coaching program. This will increase the skills of both your distributors' and sales teams.

Together we will develop a sustainable long term profit by improving the talent of the existing sales team.

An important feature is a relaxed atmosphere, where the barriers and denials are not seen as threats, but as a challenge!

The following points are covered in the D.R.I.C. analysis:

  • Why do distributors choose your product or service?
  • What are the most important priorities for your distributors, now and for the future?
  • How do your distributors experience the relationship with your sales team and your company?
  • Which aspects have a positive influence on purchasing behaviour?
  • What are your sales team strong in and where can we help them grow?
  • How does the rest of your organisation support your business philosophy and marketing strategy?
  • To what extent are you able to access all the major market segments?

We help you monitor the entire sales process with an efficient structure that yields higher sales and profit margins.

The results are different for each organisation. The D.R.I.C. is flexible according to customers’ needs. With this method we are able to predict and calculate results in advance.

We only work with one partner in any segment of the market environment.