Who are we?

Sales Process Coach BVBA is not just a training or consultancy business. There are enough of those around already. We are different.


My name is Edwin Donners, founder of Sales Process Coach BVBA. I gained international experience over a period of 12 years as a franchisee in one of the largest training companies in Benelux. Being ultimately responsible for several global organisations, I experienced directly how difficult it can be to steer a sales team in the right direction and to manage it effectively. In addition, it's a major challenge to encourage and persuade your distributors to follow your objectives and strategies.


People are our customers' most important asset. They are the ones who make the difference every day. By creating a clear sales process, we help organisations to support their sales team. After that, we help each one of them, step by step, to consciously discover their strengths, and to develop it further. This is done in a way that enables them to perform as an entrepreneur.

We help everyone grow with self- confidence, to successfully perform their roles in sustainable relationships with their customers, with improved performance and results. By helping others, we continue to develop ourselves to find long lasting fulfilment in what we achieve!

Stephanie Donners

"If you have any questions about your administration or accounts, then I'm your contact."


Marianne Bouwman

"Making appointments, answering telephone calls... How can I help you?"